Using data to inform: from data to knowledge
About data in schools

Mike Schmoker (1996), the author of the renowned Results book states,“Data can help us confront what we may wish to avoid and what is difficult to perceive, trace, or gauge; data can substantiate theories, inform decision, impel action, marshal support, thwart misperceptions and unwarranted optimism, maintain focus and goal orientation, and capture and sustain collective energy and momentum.” Knox Educational Associates believe that data must drive reform actions.

Data are crude information. The goal of data analysis is to move crude information to knowledge.

Guiding the Transition from Data to Knowledge:

  • Data to Information: Data becomes information when it becomes relevant to a decision and is contextualized.
  • Information to Facts: Information becomes a fact when data validates it. Facts are revealed by the data.
  • Facts become Knowledge: When we are confident that facts answer a question and we trust the reliability or validity of the facts.

The Knox agency associates will:

  • Guide the analysis of site data with an emphasis on problem solving
  • Identify trends and outliers
  • Recommend solutions
  • Focus a responsive action plan aligned to the data