Common Core Writing


General Writing

These documents are designed for applying to ALL writing in general and are not specific to the writing strands: Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, or Narrative.

Teacher and student tools specific to Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, or Narrative Writing are listed under those categories. These categories also contain “Together is Better” Handbooks that contain many of the mini-lessons listed below.

Teaching Tools

General Writing Teaching Tools

These are handbooks and mini-lessons as well as charts and forms for use in teaching the writing process.  These are not specific to genre or strand of writing but comprise the steps to teaching all writing including: how to plan, write, edit and revise writing, and how to use anchor papers and feedback in teaching and assessing writing.

Many of these tools are incorporated in the “Together is Better” Handbooks under Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory and Narrative Writing Sections.


Opinion/Argument Writing

Teaching Tools

3. Writing Performance Tasks (WPTs) – Opinion/Argument Writing

The writing performance tasks included here are samples we developed for some of our school districts. They include the teacher directions and the student prompt and directions. (Note: Links to videos may have changed, find a new one!) You can use the generic versions to create your own.

If you would like us to help your district in developing writing prompts or with teaching strategies for writing in the Common Core, please contact us!


Informative/Explanatory Writing


Narrative Writing


The Night Writing Project

What is Night Writing?

It is a fun practice process that brings students into writing with ease, creativity and a great deal of enthusiasm. It is not a substitute for writing instruction, nor is it simply more “homework”; it is a way to “hook” students into writing meaningfully. Students receive a new writing prompt and supporting graphic organizers, revision ideas, and editing checklists for each weekly packet on Monday. Teachers provide a mini-lesson each day that guides that night’s step in the writing process: