Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District

Crescent: January: a shared Saturday “Half-Time Huddle” with Root,plus five days of demo lessons, grade level planning, walk-throughs, and principal coaching.

Fairview: Began in January after principal left and a subsititute took over, with 4 days right away: Friday Folders, test preparation, and a big awards assembly CST prep rally.

Gordon: This staff was about 40% new hires this year. Facilitated half-day “backwards mapping”, principal and vice principal strategy sessions, and produced and printed student binders/Friday Folders.

Root: January: a shared Saturday “Half-Time Huddle” with Crescent plus two days of demo lessons.

Sheldon: Retreat in August, plus 6 days during the year. Constant contact with principal. Had a challenging group of teachers, particularly with upper grades; with 3 teachers leaving by the end of the year. The school is now poised to make a big gain this year.