Single Schools

Los Molinos: One day training; “half-time huddle” workshop. They seem to really take the “get-it” aspect of teaching seriously. Principal is focused on achievement with an amazing “data wall”.

Rosa Parks: School has been working hard and is finally moving. Provided test prep training for the district on site; also some demos, coached literacy coach, Jen Corn, and summer planning with the principal.

Pomo: Provided a three-day training on the writing campaign – a comprehensive school-wide campaign to improve writing – with awards, group efforts, etc. This is the first year the middle school shares the campus.

Sierra Avenue: Two days in January: test prep, and a non-fiction writing focus.

Think College Now: A focused campus; upwardly mobile all the time. Charlotte has been working with them for 7 years– mentoring-consulting strategies ongoing; frequent consulting with leadership. On campus two days this year plus Dennis Parker for one day.

Walnut Grove: One day in March: test prep workshop and demos. They really wanted this and I believe they did an excellent implementation after training.

Wyandotte: February – three days; teachers embraced the “backwards planning”, student folders, test prep strategies, and they jumped into “data walls”.