Charlotte Knox
Knox Education

Charlotte Knox has spent the past seventeen years writing and organizing long-term professional development projects for school districts and publishers nationally. In recent years she has focused  on developing units for teaching the three Common Core writing text types. She has worked with Dennis Parker since 2000 developing tools for implementation of his Strategic Schooling model. She built a comprehensive website in 2011 which houses a plethora of standards-based tools and curricula for easy access for her schools.

Additional projects include:

  • Talking Walls: Building Classroom Environments to Support Student Achievement, co-authored with Michelle Karns
  • Information Please, an ELD strategies handbook and Advanced AB466 training institute
  • Backwards Planning for Success with Writing, a comprehensive toolkit and training course for implementation of a school-wide writing campaign
  • RISE, an 8 week English language development course for Rigby Education.

Prior to consulting Charlotte was a teacher and staff developer for the Oakland Unified School District. Her areas of expertise include literacy, assessment, English language development, and classroom management.

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